Steampunk Gears gift set – Happy Birthday Sam!

June 9, 2015 is a special day, because my cousin Sam turns 21. My cousin is fun and unique. She’s selfless, generous and inspiring. We’re very close, she’s more than just my cousin – she’s my sister. And it’s only right that she receive the first Fells Design piece: The Steampunk Gears.

Sam's 21st Birthday Gift - The first gift set

An ordinary necklace wouldn’t be enough to capture Sam’s vibrance. This necklace features a mix of chain threaded through metal gears and cogs. The necklace began as a sketch in my notebook – and since I’m not a talented sketch artist it looked like a bunch of spiky bubbles connected by lines. Concept was a little more difficult to turn into reality, as the chain didn’t fit though the holes as easily as thought and determining placement of the gears proved to be tricky. Eventually, with jump rings and patience, it came together. Steampunk Gears Set

The earrings are three cogs, copper, silver, and bronze, suspended by chains for a free-floating effect. Instead of connecting the gears and chain in a similar manner to the necklace, by keeping each gear with a separate chain, I was able to preserve the looseness while losing some of the difficultly encountered on the necklace.

Steampunk gears earringsThe goal of this piece was to create a set that captured the fun and uniqueness of my cousin and the coolness of Steampunk jewelry. Steampunk is such a creative aesthetic, it’s like the wild streak in jewelry design. I hope to create more Steampunk jewelry this summer because it’s fun to make and even more fun to wear! Happy 21st Birthday Sam!


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