All the way to the top

Boot cuffs, after sweaters for baby animals and anything made for infants, are the cutest, hand-knitted accessory. A great transition piece for early fall weather, and equally wonderful to layer over three pairs of socks when it’s 10 degrees and windy outside (Hi Boston winter, oh wait, you’ll be here when? I’m not ready!!)

These boot cuffs look like a thick pair of socks peeking out of your boots.

These boot cuffs look like a thick pair of socks peeking out of your boots.

The Knitting Novice Makes a Pattern

I started knitting about a year ago, and these have been on my list to make since then. I had to learn the basics first, like the garter stitch scarf. After practicing with different stitches, cables are probably my favorite, I finally felt confident enough to try my own hand at pattern making.

The first time I tried was a complete fail.

I used a gorgeous and soft emerald green yarn and was testing out a pattern mostly of mock cables. My boot cuff was about eight inches too short in diameter. I’m not exactly sure how that one happened, but the swatch will look great in a patchwork blanket. Discouraged, I decided that I still was too novice to be creating my own patterns. I went back to following directions and knitting on the bus.

If at First You Don’t Succeed

When vacation rolled around in September, I figured why not try again? It had been a wonderfully relaxing week, and sitting on the porch sipping coffee was the perfect opportunity to work out the math before I took out my knitting needles. This time I went with the aqua colored yarn. Since I was down the Cape and the yarn was an ocean color, it felt right to give the pattern a nautical name. The Mariner Boot Cuff was born.

These boot cuffs are fun to knit one my commute

Ribbing, alternating knit and purl, with a mock cable topper.

It took a few tries to really get the pattern down straight, but at least this time I had the right diameter to fit around a leg! I kept at the pattern, knitting on the bus really does help work it out. Now, after making two pairs, I feel confident in these to share them with you. These are the first knitted items to be featured on this site, which is really exciting!

Don’t aim for perfection, aim for progress.

Soft and cozy, perfect for a crisp fall afternoon.

Soft and cozy, perfect for a crisp fall afternoon.

I’m still working at improving this pattern. The current yarn that I used to make these cuffs seems to be pulling after a few wears. The plan is to keep trying, and experimenting with new yarns until I’ve found a good match for this style.

I hope to have more fun knitted items to display soon, and as alway thanks for your encouragement.

Stay warm, friends – winter is coming!


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