Seaside escape: A beach-inspired necklace set

Last May marked our first Girl’s Weekend down the Cape. We stayed in a beachfront hotel, bundled up in layers and basked in the glow of a gas fireplace (early May can still be chilly along the New England coast), explored the towns and antique shops, and of course ate lots of food.

In designing this necklace set for my Aunt L, I kept that Girl’s Weekend in mind. The mint colored beads remind me of the salty ocean spray and the color palate of the Cape. The findings came from one of the antique shops we discovered on our journey.

The necklace is long enough to be slipped over the head, but it also contains a clasp just in case. The earrings are large baubles and so cute against the the long drop of the necklace.

The intention of the necklace was for my Aunt L to wear it to work or for an evening out. Pastels seem to be the “In” color for spring 2016, and this necklace will fit right in.


Finding Common Ground: Two necklaces, same pendant

Over the summer, my Nonna asked me to make a necklace for my cousin S and Aunt J for Christmas. Their personal styles are very different, whereas one is spirited with a rebellious edgy flair, the other is conservative and wears very little jewelry.

It wasn’t until Aunt J gave me a large bag of discarded costume jewelry that I found inspiration for these necklaces. The jewelry came from her mother, and she thought I might like these pieces that the rest of the family didn’t want.

There was a wide assortment of costume jewelry, and in this collection was a pair of earrings. Small, clear crystal orbs – it was the perfect centerpiece: unique and stylistically versatile.

For Aunt J’s necklace, the pendant became the centerpiece in an all-black necklace. Simple in design, the earring is the main focus.

DSC_0653For Cousin S’s necklace, the pendant had the opportunity to be more bold. Set as the centerpiece surrounded by chains of mixed weights, the earring takes on a  chic, rocker vibe.

DSC_0658The creation of these necklaces was a challenge, because I wanted to design two necklaces that fit the personality of the wearer while also maintaining the connection across generations. No matter how different the earring appears, it represents the strong ties of family and carrying those we love with us always.

New Year, New Plans

Now that we’re into 2016, I have new plans for the future of The Fells Design blog. The goal is for this blog to become a hub for new craft ideas, craft book reviews, and in-process blog posts about large-scale projects. With a renewed sense of purpose this blog has the potential to grow.

What are some crafts to look forward to in the new year?

  • Reviews on craft books
  • More D.I.Y. Projects
  • Meaning behind finished projects
  • Costume Designs

I’m looking forward to a fresh start in 2016. With many new projects at the tip of my fingers, I can’t wait to get started. The sooner I do, the sooner I can share them with you!

Happy Crafting!