Falling in Love: an accidental Valentine’s Day jewelry set

Say what you want about Valentine’s Day, everyone has their own opinions on how wonderful or horrible it may be. I’m choosing to look at this holiday at its simpler core: a day when we celebrate people we love. I like for my jewelry to mimic my emotions or remind me a pleasant time and place, and that’s how this necklace set came to exist.



Red Jade and Mother of Pearl necklace, bracelet, and earrings

This set was never designed with Valentine’s Day in mind. In fact, the first version of this set was actually green. And because it was never created specifically for this holiday, I want to talk about it now. The design is simple and uncomplicated, smooth and polished, and the pattern blends seamlessly together.


The necklace is balanced. The Mother of Pearl beads show veins of off-white; the imperfect color striations mirror the beauty found in the everyday moment.

At its core, this necklace represents the true heart of love, the real feelings of a love that is unconditional. True love doesn’t need exotic destinations or expensive dinners, it just needs two people with a connection based on respect, understanding, and passion.


Unlike the necklace which is strung on nylon coated wire for strength, the bracelet is strung on elastic. This gives it more flexibility; in life, when our minds are flexible we become more open and understanding people.

We may complicate love with our busy schedules, our selfies, our selfishness, our desire to be in the next moment instead of enjoying the present. This Valentine’s Day let’s move past that and just be with the one you love. Enjoy the time together; it’s more precious than anything else.


The original necklace set, done in green jade with Mother of Pearl beads.

These were the emotions that went through my mind when I first designed this necklace set last summer.  I wanted a necklace that was smooth and calming and made me feel peaceful when I wore it. These feelings are the same ones my love conjures for me; he makes me feel relaxed when I’m stressed, or calm when I’m anxious, he inspires me to pursue my dreams. He loves me, and I love him very much.


A peaceful evening when I wore the green jade necklace set.

He’s the one who suggested I recreate the necklace set in red. I think he gives good advice.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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