Embellished Reading

It’s not an uncommon site to find me lost in a book. When I’m enjoying a good read, I can tune out the world. The TV could be on, the music could be playing, a full conversation could be happening around me, but if Harry Potter is dueling with Voldermort in the battle of Hogwarts you can bet my mind is not in the living room.

It’s because of this love of reading that I’ve come to utilize every scrap of paper as a bookmark – which can actually be a disadvantage when you’re searching for your shopping list or when you’re reading at the bus stop and your bookmark accidentally blows away.

DSC_0537 handmade bookmarks

A little bit heavier than paper; but at 1/4 of an ounce, they’re still pretty lightweight. 

Somewhere along the line, I came to love real bookmarks; particularly the pretty ones that have cute details that hang down the book’s spine. And best part, I don’t have to worry about losing my list or my bookmark blowing away again.


The charms on a few of these actually came from cast-off pairs of earrings. While the charm was still in good shape, it wasn’t exactly my style for earrings. Rather than let these go to waste, they can have new life in bookmarks.

Others feature statement beads that are both beachy and eye-catching at the same time. Perfect for hot, sunny days reading with your toes in the sand.

Until next time, happy reading!

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