Inside the Knitting Bag

Probably most (if not all) knitters have more than one project going on at once. Here’s what’s currently in my knit bag.

Waiting for Rain Shawl

Current Status:  On the coffee table

I first came across this shawl at the shop Yarn in the Farms in Beverly, MA on the day my fiancé and I got engaged. I decided on this shawl pattern for my wedding shawl, because it would be a nice reminder of that day. So The Boy gave me needles, yarn, and pattern as a birthday gift.

Starting the pattern wasn’t easy. I recast probably a dozen times before I felt confident. The garter stitch portion went quickly on my commute. Now, I’m on the first portion of lace work short rows. It’s challenging, because I have to stay focused on the pattern or risk losing my place. This is only my third pattern involving short rows and my first with lace work – I may not be confident yet, but I am determined!

Check out this pattern by Sylvia of Softsweater Knits on Ravelry (where I purchased mine) or visit her website.

Ninja Turtles Inspired Child Hat

Current Status:  Searching for the right shade of blue

I’m trying my hand at writing my own pattern with this hat. I have a vision of what I want this hat to look like, so I’m hoping that I can experiment to bring this into reality.

It’s a fairly simple basic hat, knit in the round on double-pointed needles. After cast-on and simple ribbing the hat is done in stockinette stitch. I’m searching for the blue yarn to make the bandana, so I can continue. Once that’s done, I’ll make eyes to sew onto the hat and I’ve been considering adding the bandana ties to the back of the hat.

Funny Frog Hat

Status: Complete

I found this fun hat pattern on Pinterest, which led me to Cassandra May’s pattern on Ravelry. I knit this hat for a newborn, so the free pattern for a six-month old suited my needs. There are also PDF versions and alternative sizes, such as one or two years, or available on her website.

The hat knit up very quickly, I completed the pattern in four days! (I admit, I was also binge-watching a TV show.) I love patterns knit in the round on double-pointed needles and this was very easy to follow. The details are knit flat and sewn on, the most challenging part of that being not letting the wrong color show through. I love how this hat came out and had such a fun time knitting it!


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