The knitting bag

Waiting for Rain Shawl

Current Status:  Commuting


I have three more rows to finish before making it to the next short row section. I was hoping to finish more of this shawl during the week, so I could work on the lacework this weekend, but best laid plans never tend to go that way. Aiming to get through the next three rows by Wednesday… we’ll see how that works out.

Check out this pattern by Sylvia of Softsweater Knits on Ravelry (where I purchased mine) or visit her website.

Ninja Turtles Inspired Child Hat

Current Status:  Found the perfect blue!


Finally found the perfect shade of blue at the craft store when my yarn stash failed to deliver. It’s great for that classic animated Leonardo blue. I’ve been making good progress on the hat this weekend, I’ve added in the two-inch blue for the bandana, switched back to green, and now I’m at the decrease rows. My goal is to finish this hat this week.

I decided today that I would write down this pattern as I’m making up. Even though I’ve made up my own knitted creations in the past, I’ve never written a pattern down for others to use. I’m pretty excited to try it; I like challenging myself.


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