Cowl Complete!

It always feels great to complete a project. This one was especially fun, because B and I kept pace knitting together. The past few times we got together, we sat and chatted for hours knitting along on our project. I made the majority of my progress on this project while hanging out with her.

The yarn is so soft, which is needed since this project rests so close to the skin around the neck. I especially love the soft gradients in the yarn; it shows off the stitches beautifully. This is the first time I’ve knit with a hand-dyed yarn of this quality, and it was such a treat!


Is this the top or the bottom?

I haven’t quite figured out which way is the top, so I’ve experimented wearing it both ways. It’s great to wear on cold days in place of a scarf, which sometimes get blown out of position in the wind, giving the face and neck a blast of icy air. My hair also doesn’t get as tangled, because the cowl doesn’t shift as much as a scarf does. Downside, because the neck is narrow, it’s not ideal for nice-hair events and will create static.

Cowl close up

Love the way the yarn makes this pattern pop!

I loved learning new stitches during this project. My favorite segment was the alternating small holes. It knit up quick and the pattern was very sweet. The mock cable section was also beautiful, but I prefer standard cables because they’re honestly easier for me to conceptualize.

Overall, I’m happy with how the cowl turned out, and I’m happy that I’ve completed another project on my Ravelry Goals!

Project Details:


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