Rolling on with River

My latest work in progress is the shawl pattern, River, by Softsweater Knits, Sylvia McFadden. I love her work; pretty much my entire Ravelry queue right now is made up of her patterns.

River Shawl

Weaving in the ends as I go was a smart idea

I’m working this shawl in Berocco’s Folio yarn in green and blue, two of my favorite colors. This yarn is so soft, easy to knit with, and affordable without feeling like I’m compromising quality. I’ve been very happy with Folio yarn in the past; I used it to make my wedding shawl.

What I love about this pattern is the repetition. It’s repetitive enough that I can watch a show or knit on the bus during my commute, without needing to check the pattern every few stitches. However, there’s enough variation that I don’t totally zone out either. It’s a good balance.

River shawl

The colors match well with my yarn bowl

I find the simplicity in this pattern very soothing and meditative. That’s one of the reasons I am so drawn to knitting: it’s a very relaxing hobby. I’m the type of person who needs to be productive. It’s hard for me to “turn off”, but with knitting, I can relax but still feel as if I’m accomplishing something. It’s great way of satisfying that need in my personality, while also taking time to recharge.


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