The Oslo Necklace

Welcome to the craft blog for The Fells Design!

This blog is a creative space to talk about everything crafts: from jewelry, to knits, to handmade projects. I love to craft, and this blog is the place where I can share my passion with others who care just as much as I do. I want it to be a place where I can share my favorite crafters that I idolize; their patterns and books that have taught me so much. I want it to be a place where others can post their favorite projects. I want it to be a place where I can share DIY projects that readers can try at home.

Now that I’ve launched an Etsy shop, I can also talk about pieces I’ve personally designed and share the inspiration behind them. Also, being new to Etsy, this blog can be a place where I can share my experiences as I navigate the crafting world. It’s a beautiful place and I’m so happy to be able to join the conversation with my own expression. Each creation draws from a wide array of inspiration, because each person is multi-faceted. I never create something that I wouldn’t want to wear or use myself, and in this way I hope that each piece feels genuine and unique.

-Lauren @TheFellsDesign