Necklaces are the perfect accessory for completely changing any look with the finishing touch. These are a few of my favorite designs. Each one is handmade with love.

Repurposed Necklaces

All of these necklaces and jewelry sets are made from repurposed materials. Some of the beads I find at antique shops, estate sales, and yard sales. They’re sometimes from intact pieces of jewelry in outdated styles or from broken jewelry sets that the owner intends to throw away. These are some of my favorite materials to work with because the results are always unique and beautiful.

Beaded Necklaces

Many of these necklaces feature gemstones and Czech glass, two of my favorite bead types to work with because they’re so beautiful and the colors are so vibrant. When working with beads, I like to keep the overall color palate simple and complementary so that way the beads can be shown off in their best light. Oftentimes my beaded designs are created with a specific person or place in mind, such as the Provincetown necklace which I designed for my great aunt who loves to spend her summers there.

Chain Necklaces

All of these necklaces work chain with different pendants, charms, and eye-catching pieces. I love chain because it’s very modern and sleek. Chain necklaces are easy to layer and go with almost any outfit. I can wear the same chain multi-strand necklace over a sweater on the weekend for a casual outing or with a blouse and blazer to work for a chic business casual look. The versatility of chain necklaces is perfect for a fast-paced world.


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